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Video Recording

The E-Learning Division recognises the value of videos as a teaching tool, in particular video clips can we used to replay sequences, drawing attention to details some students may have missed, or where the interpretation differed among students. Audio-visual material can greatly facilitate teaching and learning by stimulating active learner participation in interpretation and analysis of real or simulated activities. 

The Division therefore does offer a video recording service if certain conditions are met. In particular if the material will be used in teaching and learning. In some instances a small fee will also be levied which goes towards offsetting the cost of acquiring the camera and equipment.

Keep in mind that video recording in different venues has a number of challenges, in particular lighting, sound and being able to accurately capture any interaction which happens. Recording in a studio would allow more control over the environment – i.e. lighting and sound which will result in a recording of quality which should satisfy most lecturers and users. Unfortunately this is not always possible and in addition the only studio easily available to UCT staff is situated at the Baxter Theatre which offers this as a service. 

If you need any advice regarding video recording or would like more information please contact