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Technology Teaching and Workshops in the Faculty

The success of TED Talks has inspired us to develop faculty Teaching and Educating with Technology (TET) Talks. Monthly lunchtime sessions with short narratives and presentations about “ideas worth sharing”. This initiative gives educators, such as yourself, an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and find out what others are doing.

Also, this could be an opportunity for you to take 5- 10 mins to share your ideas or experiences, talk about a new initiative, find out what resources are available or just bounce ideas off others. Please email if you wish to do a mini presentation.

Teaching & Educating with Technology Talks

You are warmly invited to our next TET Talk on 27 March 2018, 12:45 – 13:45 in Frances Ames. The faculty Teaching & Educating with Technology (TET) Talks are lunchtime sessions with short narratives and presentations about “ideas worth sharing”. This initiative gives educators, such as yourself, an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and find out what others are doing.

Presenter Title Description
Lori Lake
Teaching with technology to develop advocates for child health
Drawing on lessons learned from the PG Diploma in Community and General Paediatrics, this presentation explores how our child rights and advocacy course takes advantage of Vula. How the affordances of a blended learning platform facilitate participation and shared learning across districts, and to ground children’s rights in professional practice.
Tiroyaone Brombacher
Intestine tissue hypercontractility to control egg burden following bilharzia infection
A presentation on the use of PowerLab and Organ bath.
Rik De Decker
Exploring ideas around improving the online connectivity of cardiac cath labs in Africa
We went online to receive live online advice from experts elsewhere during caths. How do we broaden this to other cath labs?
Lynelle Govender & Maria Jose
Device Drive
After surveying the 2nd year MBChB class, we discovered that there were a small number of students who did not have a laptop; and found it detrimental to their learning. We will share the challenges and successes which we have experienced thus far in our project, which may prove helpful to others. Furthermore, we believe that other staff members may have valuable insight to share with us – specifically with regards to growing this project into a sustainable initiative.

(Refreshments will be served from 12:30)

Past TET Talk

  • Februrary

    Presenter Title Description
    Karen Le Jeune
    What I forgot I know about Vula
    After many years of using VULA I can share what has worked well (and not so well) in my teaching, learning and assessment.
    Johan Fagan 
    A story of 2 open access textbooks
    Chapters of 2 open access ENT textbooks published by Johan Fagan have been downloaded almost 1.5 million times. He will present the story of these two textbooks.
    James Irlam
    Evaluating the Primary Health Care approach at selected Community Based Education sites of the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences
    The purpose is to develop and apply a set of indicators of the PHC philosophy and approach at selected FHS CBE sites. These indicators will guide the ongoing work of the PHC Working Group in promoting and evaluating the PHC approach as a lead theme in the FHS. It is also an opportunity in this 40th anniversary year of the 1978 International Declaration on PHC to learn from current best PHC practice in the Faculty.
    Mary Shelton
    Primo: UCT Libraries new single search interface
    Finding books, eBooks, journals, articles, multi-media and much more.
  • October

  • September


    • Jordace Ramjith – Biostatistics and Epidemiology - The challenges in using blended learning by full time academics
    • Fayyaad Hendricks – Health Sciences Education – Copyright and Intellectual Property
    • Rik De Decker – Paediatrics and Child HealthCATHCHAT
    • Stevan Bruijns – Emergency Medicine - Journals with the best regional impact

In the faculty we run regular “Show and Tell” sessions. Teaching staff are provided a platform to showcase what is happening in their classroom, whether it be a new technology, innovative use of old technologies, or lessons they have learned from trying something new. Often, we don’t know what is happening in other departments and units; through these sessions, we are hoping to promote good ideas and share what resources are available in the faculty.

October Show and Tell

This event was held on 27th of October in PG Seminar Room 2, Barnard Fuller Building from 12:55 – 14:00. Our presenters and topics were:

  1. Lawrence Tucker – A Web-based electroencephalography (EEG) learning program for neurology registrars and neurologists in Africa and beyond
  2. Cheryl Brown & Genevieve Haupt – 10 things Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) technology could change in teaching and learning
  3. Lynelle Govender – Audio Tours in Anatomical Pathology

July Show and Tell