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Student Training

Parallel to our focus area of ensuring educators technological training needs are met, is catering to the training of our diverse student population. One of our aims is to support students to effectively engage with their learning and minimising technological obstacles which may hinder their progress. Students are expected to be proficient in using our online platforms. These include Vula and Google Drive which are used to deliver online teaching resources — course information, announcements and assessments. These tools allow students to access content, effectively communicate with peers and lecturers. During the COVID-19 pandemic the ability to use technology to continue their learning has become of paramount importance. 

Digital Literacies for all first year students

During Orientation Week students complete a compulsory online Competency Assessment to establish their Information and Digital Literacy (DL) competencies. The programme focuses on students’ “ability to engage with their learning tasks effectively in a digital environment. The literacies include the ability to read and interpret media, reproduce data and images through digital manipulation, evaluate and apply new knowledge gained from digital environments.” Based on the results from the test, students are allocated to different streams in the programme according to their needs. In addition, those who are identified with little or no digital literacy skills, participate in an intensive course during Orientation Week to start equipping them for the first semester of learning.

During Semester 2, the focus is on developing presentation and Quantitative Literacy skills using Excel. These workshops are run in collaboration with the Numeracy Centre. 

Postgraduate Training

We have also recognised that there is a need to offer technology training to postgraduate students at the diploma and master’s level. These training sessions include how to use the learning management system, basic computer literacies and introducing them to the various UCT online systems. Certain programmes required more extensive student training. For example, Saturday training sessions were made available for the Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing students to accommodate their timetable and needs. ICTS also provides several services to students, for more information click on the image below.