Assessment of Group Work: Summary of a Literature Review

This resource reports a summary of literature describing the assessment of group work in higher education. Five peer-reviewed articles1-5 were selected, based on the inclusion criterion was that the article provided a description of group work assessment. In addition, an unpublished resource on group assessment6 was consulted and results of a meta-analysis comparing teacher and peer evaluation7 was included. Abstracts of the articles reviewed are provided in Appendix 1, to guide further reading.

Create your own interactive class notes using PowerPoint

Everyone is talking about using e-learning, interactive class notes, quizzes, interactive textbooks and tablet devices. Where to start? What formats to use? What functionality to include? How they will display on various devices? Not even to mention how to create interactive content yourself. This is all really confusing and frustrating!
What if you could create your own INTERACTIVE class notes without touching a design tool or writing a single line of complicated code? What if you could create them with the stuff you already know and use every day?.

Guide to designing and writing learning outcomes for health professional education

This document provides guidelines for designing learning outcomes. For those who wish to engage in designing outcomes, the first page provides a brief overview that is followed by step-by-step guidelines and examples. The debate on the pros and cons of adopting an outcomes-based approach continues (for example, see Bleakly et al, 2011).

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