Vula, Version 10 released

9 Jul 2014 - 15:00

“Sakai 10 (what we at UCT call Vula) is the most innovative Sakai release to date, with dozens of contributing institutions and organizations to thank for that,” said Chuck Severance, Chair of the Sakai Project Management Committee and faculty member at University of Michigan. “Sakai 10 is a major milestone release that boasts a wide variety of new features and capabilities.”


Highlights from this new Vula release include:

  • Sign up for events with the Signup tool
  • Delegate administrative rights to those who need them with the Delegated Access tool
  • New in Assignments:  peer grading and group assignments
  • With the addition of two new question types and improvements to the audio recording question type, Tests & Quizzes supports over a dozen question types including better support for math, medicine, and languages
  • Sequence content in any format more easily with improvements to the Lessons tool
  • Resources: Drag-and-drop files into your courses through your web browser
  • Allow students to create content owned by both groups as well as individuals


See the complete list in the Sakai wiki page


Over 40 institutions and organizations contributed to the development of Sakai 10, including Columbia University, Duke University, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, University of Oxford, and Yale University. Apereo Commercial Affiliate contributors include AsahiNet International, Longsight, and Unicon.

For a complete contributor list click here.