EDU lends a hand to Isolomzi outreach project

3 Aug 2015 - 17:00

a HUGE thank you...!

The Isolomzi Transkei trip in July 2015 could NOT have taken place if it was not for the generosity of a large number of people. The list is long , but it would not be right if this list was not published. So, in no particular order, please browse the list below:

  • Desmond Jacobs & Rowan Dunne from SAB paid for Decofurn desks, chairs & bookshelves for Isolomzi teachers, a new school bell, laptops, paid for the Answer Series Books, and paid for a large amount of Pepkor clothing
  • Dave Eadie from The Answer Series
  • Mark Waddilove and Angelique Van der Westhuizen from Capital Investments gave a large donation, and paid for Mr Butshingi’s new chair, as well as more desks and chairs for the teachers, and outside solar school lights
  • Rena Pieterse from Green-Cross shoes
  • Jaco Jordaan from The Spur ~ fed us “on the road”
  • Pont Vouchers were donated by Andrew Baisley of Kei Mouth Estates
  • Ken Lister from the Wishing Well International Foundation
  • Johann Minnaar on his 5th trip, taking all the photographs
  • Rick Haw for a petrol donation
  • Trennerys Hotel provided discounted rates for boys, staff and parents
  • Clive Berlyn and Margaret Albrecht from Caltex for donating most of the Fuel
  • Grant McDonough from Mekor Ford in Claremont for sponsoring two vehicles
  • Melanie Brooks from Bosch for all the printing of Isolomzi notes
  • Jock & Mary McConnachie for helping with transportation
  • Olaf van Rensburg for a petrol donation
  • Deskbuddy ~ Anthea Lewis and Sean and Ansuyiah Padayachee from Life Health Care for supplying ALL 488 learners at Isolomzi with a “Deskbuddy”
  • TIME Clothing in East London donated a HUGE amount of school dresses, school and rugby socks, rugby shorts and rugby balls
  • Maria Napoli from Bosch provided clothing, tog bags and gift bags for the staff
  • Emily Higgo provided a large amount of hand-knitted clothing
  • Mrs Mickey Basson provided second hand clothing
  • The Henderson family and the Tredoux family provided second hand clothing
  • Mrs Rosanne Potgieter provided second hand clothing
  • Carl Van Rensburg from the Crazy Store provided gifts for the teachers
  • The Arendse Family ~ Liesl and Bryan
  • The Rens Family ~ Chantal and Jonathan
  • Greg Doyle from Education Development Unit, Faculty of Health Science, UCT for the toner and 2 x boxes paper
  • Pep Stores ~ R5000 gift vouchers used for school uniforms
  • Digicape for the earphones
  • The Wheeler family for the Internet boxes
  • Eat me Cookies for the biscuits
  • Champanis, Rumble, Stubbs, Harris, Abrahamse, Witbooi, Diederichs, Isaacs and Lee families provided 2nd hand clothing, new underwear and toiletries for the girls
  • Kerri McConnell ~ rugby balls and lanyards
  • Ina Paarman ~ spices for staff goodie bags