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Creative Commons Licenses (CC) - Intellectual Property policy and OER

(Hewlett Foundation) https://hewlett.org/strategy/open-educational-resources/

The Intellectual Property (IP) policy of the University of Cape Town addresses issues relating to the creation of OER resources and the licensing processes to be followed. The Open Access Policy can be found here.

The Intellectual Property Unit in the Law Faculty at UCT refers to several resources related to CC licensing including stories of success in the project titled, The Power of Open. Two useful resources for choosing the most relevant and appropriate Creative Commons license  are Licensor Guidelines (2014) and OpenUCT Guide: A Three Step Guide for Academics (2016). 

The degree of openness in terms of sharing and re-using resources (or restrictions) are indicated by the symbols in the CC license chosen by the resource creator and indicated by the symbols BY (attribution), SA (share-alike), NC (non-commercial) and ND (no derivatives).

Important aspects to note from UCT’s IP policy:

  • UCT automatically assigns to the author(s) the copyright, unless UCT has assigned ownership to a third party in terms of a research contract which includes:
    • Course materials, with the provision that UCT retains a perpetual, royalty-free, nonexclusive licence to use, copy and adapt such materials within UCT for the purposes of teaching and or research
    • Scholarly and literary publications such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphics and photographs produced as an art form
    • Recordings of musical performances and musical compositions

For more information, go to the UCT website of RCIPS website

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