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Faculty Computer Labs (Wolfson and Healthlab)

ICTS has been contracted by the Health Sciences faculty to manage the Anatomy and Wolfson student computing labs. Garth Hector, the Lab Administrator, together with the Assistant Lab Administrators and Lab Assistants, manages lab bookings, assists the faculty staff and students where necessary and ensures that students abide by the lab rules as set out in the General Rules and Polices handbook.

The E-Learning Division, on behalf of the Faculty, is responsible for how these computer labs are used, to ensure that educationally the computer labs are put to optimum use. In addition to making sure that staff and students’ needs are addressed. This is done in collaboration with Faculty IT and Student Computing Services.

Healthlab Computer Lab

The teaching labs are reserved for courses and for students requiring group work areas. Staff bookings take preference over student bookings. Operating hours are generally 6:00 – 18:00 at HealthLab and 08:30 – 22:00 at Wolfson.

For more information about the labs, please visit this page.

Name of Lab Number of PCs
Open area 121
Teaching Lab One  21
Teaching Lab Two 29
Teaching Lab Three 32
Teaching Lab Four 24
Teaching Lab 5 24
Wolfson 1 60
Wolfson 2 62