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The AMEE Conference is widely recognised as the key annual medical and healthcare professions education venue, regularly attended by 3 500 participants from around the globe.

This year it was held in Glasgow, 4 – 9 September. If you are interested in the conference but were unable to attend the good news is that AMEE had recorded some of their sessions and have made it available for those who were unable to attend. Have a look at the page here which contains these recordings from probably one the best conferences in medical education today

Plenary 1: Mindfulness as an antidote to chronic stress and burnout: Do we have the courage?

  • Aviad Haramati, Ph.D.

Plenary 2A: Personal Learning in the Workplace
  • Stephen Downes


Plenary 3: The Angry Risk Taker: Enriching health professions education by understanding the relationship between emotions and cognitive processes
  • Vicki R LeBlanc


Plenary 4: How effective are selection methods in the healthcare professions. Evidence from a systematic review
  • Fiona Patterson

Plenary 4: Entrustable professional activities: Aligning competency-based medical education with everyday clinical practice
  • Olle ten Cate

Symposium 3A: Medical speciality choice and workforce
  • Lokke Gennissen, Karen Stegers-Jager, Sophie Velthuis, Jacqueline Bustraan, Jennifer Cleland, Marc Soethout
Symposium 3B: Revisiting Miller’s Pyramid – from “What we know” to “who we are”
  • Yvonne Steinert, Richard Cruess, Sylvia Cruess, Lambert Schuwirth, John Norcini

Symposium 4A: The perfect Postgraduate Training Program (PGTP) - how far are we? An AMEE Postgraduate Committee Symposium
  • Rille Pihlak; Jason Frank; Linda Snell; Juliana Sa; Lawrence Sherman


Symposium 4B: Shaping the Future of Technology Enhanced Learning: Take home messages from the eLearning Symposium
  • Stephen Downes
Symposium 5A: The place of surgery in the undergraduate curriculum
  • Nivritti Patil, Peter McCollum, Rowan Parks, Trevor Gibbs, George Hanna

Symposium 5B: Faculty Development in the Health Professions: Best Practices and Future Trends
  • Yvonne Steinert, David Irby

Symposium 8B: The discourses of simulation education: embracing untapped potential
  • Walter Eppich, Nancy McNaughton, William McGaghie, Simon Edgar, Debra Nestel, Ralf Krage, Peter Dieckmann


Symposium 9A: IAMSE Symposium -Flipping the Classroom: Imperative or Passing Fad?
  • Kathryn N. Huggett, John L. Szarek, Boyd Richards, William B. Jeffries


Symposium 10A: The Student-Teacher Relationship: Consumer of education or partner-in learning?
  • Matthew Gwee, Chay-Hoon Tan, Ralph Pinnock, Student Representative from IFMSA, Khalid Abdulrahman


Symposium 10B: The potential of big data and learning analytics to serve feedback, assessment and entrustment decision making for training in the workplace
  • Olle ten Cate, Marieke van der Schaaf, Eric Holmboe, Eric Warm, Anderson Spickard III, Jeroen Donkers