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Teaching & Learning

The EDU offers courses in health professional education that are structured to suit a variety of professionals needs. We provide continuing professional development opportunities and an accredited programme for colleagues who teach UCT Health Sciences Students. To find out more on any of these opportunities, please follow the links below.

Create your own interactive class notes using PowerPoint

Everyone is talking about using e-learning, interactive class notes, quizzes, interactive textbooks and tablet devices. Where to start? What formats to use? What functionality to include? How they will display on various devices? Not even to mention how to create interactive content yourself. This is all really confusing and frustrating!
What if you could create your own INTERACTIVE class notes without touching a design tool or writing a single line of complicated code? What if you could create them with the stuff you already know and use every day?

The Use of Lectures

Inclusive teaching, learning and assessment strategies (video)